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Thursday, April 17, 2014
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9 confirmed dead and 287 still missing from the sunken ferry

9 confirmed dead and 287 still missing from the sunken ferry

Strong currents and poor visibility obstructed the search for the missing passengers from the sunken South Korean ferry. The number of those confirmed dead has risen to 9 and 287 people are still missing. The ship might have had strayed from the ...
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Setbacks for Ukrainian military operations

Setbacks for Ukrainian military operations

A day after the Ukrainian army commenced an anti-terrorist operation to remove pro-Russian supporters from the occupied public buildings, local Russian supporters reacted more promptly than expected, stopping and disarming several Ukrainian armored vehicles. ...
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Transnistria asks for Independence!

Transnistria asks for Independence!

The Supreme Soviet of the Moldovan breakaway region of Transnistria voted unanimously, on Wednesday, to send Russia a request for the recognition of the independence of the breakaway region. The request of "initiation of recognition" of the Transnistrian ...
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Over 300 people from the sunken ferry missing

Over 300 people from the sunken ferry missing

Over 300 people were reported missing after a ferry sank off South Korea, according to the coastguard. There were 150 vehicles and 477 people on board, of whom 164 were confirmed rescued and 2 dead. After reporting 368 people rescued and about 100 ...
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Austar Coalmine's walls collapsed killing 2 miners

Austar Coalmine's walls collapsed killing 2 miners

Two miners were killed in wall collapse at Austar coalmine in Hunter Valley. Police warn it will be days before the bodies can be brought from site of incident 10 kilometres along mine. The miners were working 500 metres below the surface and 10 km along ...
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Rescue operation underway as ferry sinks in Korea

Rescue operation underway as ferry sinks in Korea

Over 100 people are missing and at least two people have been declared dead after a passenger ferry carrying several hundred students and teachers among other passengers sunk off the coast of South Korea. The ferryboat was taking high-school children and ...
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Al-Qaeda is regrouping

The Al-Qaeda terrorist group is regrouping and threatens U.S. with attacks, informs the Western intelligence services after they have ...

Transnistria asks for Independence!

The Supreme Soviet of the Moldovan breakaway region of Transnistria voted unanimously, on Wednesday, to send Russia a request for the ...

Missing girls found after 43 years

One night in May, 1971, Cheryl Miller and Pamella Jackson from South Dakota were driving to an end-of-the-school party. That was the last ...
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All Californian clash

One of the hottest teams in the NBA and almost certain the most fun to watch team is the Golden State Warriors. The Californian team won ...

'El Classico' – episode 228

With Portuguese football star, Cristiano Ronaldo ruled out for the Copa del Rey final pressure rests on Bale's shoulders. Spanish giants FC ...

The sheiks of sports

Manchester City is not leading any points classification this season, but it's leading money charts. A survey made by ...
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Gwyneth Paltrow is throwing a divorce party

Gwyneth Paltrow is throwing a divorce party

After announcing her “conscious uncoupling” from her husband of ten years Coldplay frontman Chris Martin, Gwyneth Paltrow is planning for a divorce party. “She wants to throw a big party ...
Katie Holmes is dating Jason Segel

Katie Holmes is dating Jason Segel

Katie Holmes has clearly moved on from Jamie Foxx! According to a new report, Tom Cruise‘s ex-wife is now dating actor Jason Segel. The pair first met back in 2011, when Katie filmed a guest ...
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The Cadbury Oompa-Loompas

Cadbury is a Britain located confectionery company ranked second best, next to Wrigley’s. The Dairy Milk Chocolate, the Creme Egg and the ...

Tourism: the Greek bailout

Tourism is the engine that got the Greek economy out of the recession of the last six years, last year the country being visited by a ...

Major cuts in France

The French Prime Minister Manuel Valls announced, on Wednesday, the freezing of welfare and maintaining a similar measure for the salarie ...

Best payed jobs

A new day, another reason to become better at math. This is where the Wall Street Journal begins its story about the best paid jobs thi ...

Google drones, coming soon

The Silicon Valley based company acquired, on Monday, Titan Aerospace, a young company founded in 2012 that constructs high-altitude ...
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East and West meeting

The East and the West will meet on Thursday, in Geneva, to try to reach a compromise regarding the crisis in Ukraine. However, the Western ...

Syrian armored vehicles destroyed

Jordanian military planes destroyed, on Wednesday, armored vehicles trying to enter from Syria, said the Jordanian army. "Fighters of ...
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Man pays the price for Disney fraud

Toby Schammel decided to profit from an information leak about Disney and enrich himself. Now he has to pay regulators $801,000 and spend ...

PS4 hits the 7 million marker

Sony came up with a selling machine literally with the Play Station 4. The new Japanese console has been on a steady climb regarding sale ...

Russian economy going downhill

The Russian economic situation is ‘not stable’, says Economy Minister, Alexei Ulyukayev, as analysts reveal a 0.5 drop in the first ...

Mt. Gox is close to liquidation

Mt. Gox in now in the hands of a court-appointed administrator. The former exchange is closer to liquidation than it ever was to ...
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'Reaper of souls' fixed the story

Diablo III was a success for Blizzard Entertainment, bun any gamer out there said after finishing Act IV the game is not complete. Finally ...

First 'Heartbleed' arrest

“Heartbleed” spread panic all across the Internet in the last weeks. The biggest names in the e-game rushed to update software and ...

Google will make modular phones

Early 2015 will be the dawn of a new cellphone era: that of modular mobiles. Project Ara will bring people devices with interchangeable ...

Galaxy S5 stands for 'sold out'

The Galaxy S5 flagship is breaking all Samsung previous records. The device was launched a few days ago and already reports indicate ...
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'Human Zoo' due to open in Norway

A proposal made by the artists Mohamed Ali Fadlabi and Lars Cuzner for the Norway 200th constitution anniversary was met with criticism by ...

Bonhams Old Master Paintings Sale

LONDON - Sappho inspired by Cupid (picture above) is a sensual work by the French 17th century Master, Jean-Honoré Fragonard. The ...
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15 Must-Knows about relationships

1. You have to share the same values. If you have different opinions on Coldplay or you don't share the same sleep number of hour ...

Hugs make you healthy and happy

Why does hugging feel so magical sometimes? Hugs were proven to vastly contribute to your health and happiness. They are in fact so ...

What NOT to eat in the morning

Eating breakfast is a healthy habit, but if you eat the wrong things, it will not help with anything. Find out what foods to stay away ...

The perfect shades for each face!

  Shades are not pure and simple just a piece or accessory. They are, first of all, an estethic way to protect your eyes against UV.   ...

The Science of Flirting

Is there any science behind flirting or does it come instinctively, just like that? What are some of the aspects of flirting that we ...
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Tiësto - 'Wasted' (Lyric Video)

Tiësto has unveiled the lyric video for his new single ‘Wasted’. Exploring a more pop-influenced sound whilst still retaining the ...

Remember the 90's

Listen to this Hits of the 90s' list and it might put you in the right mood for a 'retro' party!! Mr President - Coco Jambo Lou Bega ...
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Hong Kong Avenue of Stars

Walking down the Hong Kong Avenue of Stars, you'll find plaques with the names of famous movie stars such as Jackie Chan, Jon Woo, Leslie ...

Travel to New Zeeland

New Zealand is a land of snowy mountain peaks, endless beaches and rocky coasts, the emerald green lawns and wild fjords. The beauty of ...

Destination: Burano island

Burano island is located 7 kilometers or a 40 minute trip by vaporetto (motorboat) from Venice. It is known for its colorful houses, the ...

Top 10 Indonesian destinations

Indonesia is a large country both in population and size, with an impressive geological and cultural diversity. Indonesia has 18,110 ...
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OMG! Greg Vaughan will be single soon!

OMG! Greg Vaughan will be single soon!

GREG Vaughan is back on the market, ladies! The actor has split from wife Touriya Haoud, as he announced via Twitter and Instagram on Monday, April 14. The pair have been married since 2006 and have three son ...
Celebrities' engagement rings

Celebrities' engagement rings

Take a look at the celebrities' sparkling engagement rings. Beyonce's $5million 20 carat ring from Jay-Z The Queen's eldest granddaughter Zara Phillips received this custom made ring from fiance Mike Tindall. ...
Ellen DeGeneres is the most powerful gay celebrity

Ellen DeGeneres is the most powerful gay celebrity

Ellen DeGeneres has been named the most powerful gay celebrity in the US in Out magazine's annual Power List poll. She is 56 years old and she married 'Arrested Development' actress Portia de Rossi. Out magazine' ...
Sharon Stone to co-star Kristen Stewart

Sharon Stone to co-star Kristen Stewart

Sharon Stone, 56, will work together with the Twilights' actress Kristen Stewart and Jesse Eisenberg in the new movie American Ultra. Stone will have the role of a government agent and Kristen Stewart will play the ...
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